Pin - Grow - Flourish!

Do you want to use Pinterest to grow your wedding business?

Does Pinterest feel like a minefield? Do you understand the basics but know you need to dig deeper? Do you want to grow your Pinterest reach so that more people see your work? Do you want to understand how to get people from Pinterest over to your website?

Pin - Grow - Flourish is the perfect answer for you. This month long Pinterest masterclass will take you from Pinterest rookie to Pinterest genius in a really easy to follow straightforward way!

The month long masterclass is an affordable way to get all of the foundations in place to allow your Pinterest page to flourish!

Starting May 2019

I'm in - sign me up!

Access to Pin - Grow - Flourish closes in....


Does this sound like you?

  • You want to get more people to look at your website
  • You want more of your 'ideal client' to book you
  • You want people to read the blogs you spend hours writing
  • You want to have your products and services found on etsy or online
  • You have limited time to keep your social media updated


This month long masterclass will get your Pinterest account to exactly where it needs to be.

Indepth training sessions where I share my screen so you can follow along with all the steps alongside me.

Weekly Q+A sessions so I can answer all of your questions for you.

Technical support if you get stuck and need additional help.

A supportive group of other business owners who will be cheering you along!

As part of Pin - Grow - Flourish you will get...

  • 4 x indepth video training sessions for you to follow along with (see modules below)
  • Weekly Q+A to get your questions answered throughout the month.
  • Technical support throughout the month
  • A private Facebook Group with others going on the same journey.
  • Access to pin to some of the Engage Weddings boards on Pinterest
  • Access to the Engage Weddings exclusive Tailwind tribe
  • Longterm access to the training videos after the masterclass is over
  • One month free access and training on how to use a Pinterest scheduler.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement from me.

The option to go VIP to get even more benefits...

  • Your Pinterest account set up for you to get it right (bio, rich pins, verified)
  • 5 Pinterest boards with pins created for you to get you started
  • 5 eye catching Pinterest blog graphics created for your existing blog posts
  • 30 minute Pinterest call with Becca

After one month in the Pin, grow and flourish masterclass you will be as EXCITED about Pinterest as me! You will know how to pin to get ideal customers interested and over to your website. 

You only need one booking in a lifetime to pay for the training you have taken.

Here's what some of the previous graduates have to say:

''I did Becca's Pinterest course last September and it truly opened my eyes to the real benefits of Pinterest. Yes I have seen an increase in my monthly views - however I have learned that that is very much a vanity statistic and I am now seeing a very noticeable increase in the amount of people visiting my website which continues to grow each month. I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling to get their 'head' around Pinterest and the benefits it can bring to their business.''

Shelly Shulman - La Belle Cake company

''Becca has created a course that is simple to understand and if you do not understand she will patiently guide you. Her videos are outstanding and are full of examples. I started with under 400 views and am now up to 160 000. Pinterest has helped my Etsy from being non to existent to now constant visits, favourites and sales. I did not realise the potential of Pinterest until I did Becca's amazing course. I love creating the boards and collecting ideas. Do not sit on the fence about this course, it is worth every penny''.

Nadia Williams, Refresh, Restyle Weddings

Get in before I close the doors to the masterclass on April 7th 2019

You can join the Pin - Grow - Flourish masterclass for just £149 or 2 payments of £75. 

You can join as a VIP for just £499

What Pin - Grow - Flourish Covers...

Module 1

In the first module you will learn how to set up your account technically for success. We will make sure your website is verified by Pinterest and I will teach you about and help you get set up for rich pins. We will also take a look at your bio and ensure your bio is easily found and is optimised for Pinterest.

Module 2

In module two we will dig deeper into boards and pins. I will give you all my top tips about the best pins and how to organise them for sucess. You will learn about group boards and how these can hugely raise your profile on Pinterest and I will add you as a collaborator on the Engage Group boards to help you get found. We will talk about how we get your ideal customers over to your website or Etsy store so you have the best chance of getting conversions.

Module 3

We will dig even deeper and start look at Pinterest Analytics. I will show you how to navigate through the analytics pages and how to use what you find to help you grow further. You will also learn how to use promoted pins and advertising on Pinterest so that EVEN more people see your work.

Module 4

The final session will blow your mind! In module 4 you will learn how to use a Pinterest scheduler (Tailwind)... so that you can simply and easily set it so that you are pinning 6 or more times every day with very little effort! This is an amazing time saver and is why I LOVE PINTEREST! I will also talk to you about Pinterest Tribes and give you access to the exclusive Engage Weddings Tribe.

I'm Becca Pountney - Wedding blogger and expert behind Engage Weddings. As a former wedding business owner myself I know how tricky it can be to learn all of these different platforms!

I am a massive advocate of using Pinterest to market your wedding business, with so few local wedding businesses using it - it's a great way to get exposure.

I've been there - time is tight, you can't keep up with everything and social media is updated loads in the winter, and then gets forgotten in peak season. 

This is exactly why I love Pinterest, I pin 6-8 times every day without even touching my Pinterest account. I spend 30mins a month to schedule everything, it's so much easier than Facebook and Instagram and just constantly works in the background.

Over the last 12 months I have helped dozens of wedding business owners just like you grow their Pinterest accounts from nothing - to having tens if not hundreds of thousands of viewers every month. This is not the full story though - I want to help you get people to your website and etsy store, and ultimately to help you get bookings.

"Before taking Becca's Pinterest course I'll admit that my knowledge was pretty basic. I had a business account set up and lots of boards on the go but knew I definitely wasn't making the most of the features available and didn't really understand how everything worked.  

Becca started with the very basics, helping us optimise our profiles and boards, talking us through everything from keywords to rich pins (and everything in between). Everything is so clearly explained and she was always on hand to answer any questions if we needed help with anything.  

Following Becca's advice, I now have around 134,000 monthly viewers and have even started getting enquiries from brides who have found me through Pinterest (3 this week!). I'd highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get to grips with this amazing platform - trust me, you won't regret it! '' 

Katy Chester, Olive & Millicent


''Up until I took Becca’s class I only used Pinterest as an inspiration board, but never knew it could help my business any further than that. It’s an eye opener, I went from 4k views to 40k in less than a week before even finishing the second module, and I didn’t pay to promote yet got so many hits to my website! Becca explains all steps in detail and offers a lot of support within the group as well, I couldn’t recommend this training more!!''

Nina, Meadowsweet Cakes

Considering going VIP?

If you are struggling for time then this would be a great option for you! It's a chance for the nitty gritty work to be taken off your plate and done by me. You will get extra personalised support with a 30 minute 1-1 call about your Pinterest and how you want it to look.

I will personally set up (or alter your existing) account and do all of the technical adjustments to get you started. I will create and pin to at least 5 niche boards for you to start getting your work noticed. I will also create 5 eye catching Pinterest graphics for your existing blog posts to get you some blog traffic.

Join as a VIP

Still on the fence? 

'I can't afford it right now'

I know this can be hard, I've been there! I have tried to make it easier for you by giving you the option to make two payments to spread the cost. I have also tried to keep the cost down (I have been told I should charge much more) but I want to keep it accessible to everyone, even at the start of your business journey. You only need to get one wedding booking in a lifetime of using Pinterest for the investment to pay off.

When is the Pin - Grow - Flourish masterclass running?

The masterclass will run throughout May 2019 - there will be a training session and a live q+a each week. If you have a holiday planned or know that May is busy, don't panic, you will have long term access to the videos, even after the month is over. One of my previous graduates only managed to catch up with the masterclass 6 months after it took place and she is seeing some amazing results.

Will I be able to watch the training videos back?

Yes - you will have access to all 4 of the training sessions in a special Pinterest masterclass web page so you can go back and review them at any time.

What's the VIP option?

I understand that not everyone has the time to spend on the set up. If you are short of time but have a bit more budget then I will do all the nitty gritty work on your behalf to get you started - so choose the VIP option if this is you.

Can I join next month?

Access to this round of Pin - Grow - Flourish is only available until Sunday 7th April. Although the masterclass doesn't begin until May I like to do some research and get to know you before we begin, so if you want in sign up soon. There may be a chance to join a future masterclass but I don't currently have any more planned for 2019.

I'm not a wedding business can I still join?

ABSOLUTELY! Although the focus is on weddings (because that's what I do) all of the tips and techniques are relevant to any business and you can follow along with everything I teach - you will just have to get used to all the wedding examples that I use.